Job Title Wedding Coordinator
Position Wedding Coordinator Assistant
Duration 4 months to 1 year
Tasks and responsabilities 1) Contact with bride e-mail/phone
2) meet in person
3) recommend and arrange: Hall, katering,Clothing, decoration, flowers, church, entertainment etc...

Job is at office and at sites.
Example: reccomandation and planning at office.

Visit and compare options with bride. Such as halls, churches, flower shops etc...
Requirements Related job experience
About the company For several years, we have operated a business dedicated to helping couples plan their wedding with every detail attended to from start to finish.

We are dedicated to promoting and supporting locally owned and operated businesses by providing a simple yet effective tool for potential clients to locate wedding and family planning related businesses. It offers them a safe and convenient, pleasant "one-stop-shopping" center in which to help make informed decisions and confident purchases. Using web-sites and e-mail addresses, customers can easily request information and prices from the comfort of their home or office.