Job Title Fair Trade
Position Office work
Duration 1 year
Tasks and responsabilities Working with the Marketing team, you will assist in the administrative aspects of planning events surrounding the IFAT Global Journey (IFAT is the International Fair Trade Association). This will include contacting the various organizations in North America, learning about what they require from the company as the coordinator, ensuring that all parties are communicated with to plan shared events, pass the materials from event to event and to share ideas. For our local event, there will be need for coordination of the many details in creating an event (ie. an open house at our facility, parade, concert etc).
Depending on your comfort level, you could work primarily as an assistant to the IFAT liaison in order to help plan local events, and/or joint events in multiple locations or, if you are able to take initiative and lead in this position that would be welcomed.
Requirements Ability to record minutes from meetings
Comfort in initiating phone calls
Familiarity with email, Microsoft office and using the Internet to obtain information Ability to plan, manage detail, create timelines
About the company The company is a direct importer of Coffee, Cane Sugar and Dried Tropical Fruit. We have a team of 18 people, all based in Victoria, BC Canada. At our facility, we roast and package coffee and ship products to customers across Canada and the United States. The company is an active member of IFAT (International Fair Trade Association) and has been appointed as the coordinator of the IFAT Global Journey for North America. The IFAT Global Journey is collection of various public events promoting IFAT and its Fair Trade Organization Mark (logo).
Flags are passed from country to country and local Fair Trade Organizations are responsible for coordinating events in their home country in order to benefit from awareness raising/Media attention. The IFAT Global Journey is planned to take place in April in the USA and May in Canada. In North America there are about 6 Fair Trade organizations which would like to take advantage of the IFAT Global Journey and see some individual and collective events planned.